The Cattle Baron’s Ball committee is composed of prestigious women and business leaders in the Dallas community. With over 100 members, the committee is dedicated to supporting the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

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2022 Cattle Baron’s Ball Committee

Cattle Baron's Ball Co-Chairs
Nancy Gopez and Kris Johnson

Underwriting Chairs

Lauren Bellemare

Natalie Lesikar

Underwriting Committee

Dori Araiza

Lauren Bailey

Holly Bock*

Leigh Burns

Amy Camp*

Molly Raynor Carson

Courtney Derderian

Sarah Hall*

Lauren Harrison

Mary Frances Kearney

Laura Losinger

Brittany Matthews

Aarica Mims

Haley Rogers*

Josie Sewell

Avril Terry

Caroline Uihlein

Heather Winn

*Lead Underwriters

Underwriting Assistant

Mackenzie Wallace


Andrea Cheek

Kate Boatright

Auction Chairs

Cynthia Everitt

Emily Guy Hill

Kristina Wrenn

Auction Committee

Simone Anderson

Laura Chancellor Black

Erika Jensen Burton

Kathryn Copple

Elizabeth Ward Creel

Tanya Davis

Annie Fernandez

Bailey Lloyd

Ashley O'Malley

Claire Phillips

Silent Auction Wrap-Up

Catherine Woodall

Research Symposium

Heather Baker

Amy Green

Melissa Martin


Live Auction Chairs

Catherine Jaynes

Kristen Gibbins

Andrea Nayfa

Live Auction Preview

Jennifer Walters

Golf Chairs

Kristi Bare

Katy Brooks

Golf Committee

Caitlin Bonner

Joanna Clarke

Adelaide Erickson

Caroline Harrison

Lauren Laughry 

Allie Lucas

Melissa Pastora

Lauren Phillips

Jill Richey

Brittany Smalley 

Catherine Woodall

Production Chairs

Emily Billingsley

Lauren Hill

Lee McDonald

Nina Sachse

Production Committee

Lisa Hewitt​

Taryn McDonald

Entertainment Production Chair

Elise Danner

Membership Chairs

Skyler Baty

Jamie Charles

Inactive Member Liaisons

JB Hayes

Jennifer Tobin

Ball Seating Chairs

Karen James

Stephanie Lauck

Katie Layton

Reveal Party

Joanna Clarke

Kelley Schadt

Highland Park Parade

Holly Bock

Kathryn Henry

Raffle Chairs

Lora Farris​

Rachel Osburn

Raffle Committee

Annette Anderson

Sarah Groves

Dolores Volkman

Paddle Raise

Taryn McDonald

Debbie Munir

Tara Versfelt


Theresa Bando Parkinson

Stacey Relton

Advisory Board & Past ball Chair Liaison

Daniella Giglio

Melissa Martin

Marketing Chair

Annalee Aston

Rachel Michell

Ball Coordinators

Marjon Henderson

Paige Westhoff

Samantha Wortley

Retail Liaison 

Lisa Bhattacharya

Beverage Chairs

Isabell Higginbotham

Carol Holmes

Trailblazer's Party

Jane Jumphrey

Vodi Cook


Spring Luncheon

Madison Strode

Kameron Westcott

Fall Luncheon

Jennifer Burns

Sarah Pederson

Underwriter's Party

Teffy Jacobs

Michelle Meadows

Nikki Webb

Favor Bag Chair

Madison Strode

2022 Cattle Baron’s Ball Advisory Board

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