Past Cattle Baron’s Balls

  • 2018

    Chairmen: Jonika Nix and Katy Bock

    Entertainment: Zac Brown Band and The Charlie Daniels Band

    Ranch: Gilley's Dallas

    Theme: Sapphires and Spurs

  • 2017

    Chairmen: Sunie Solomon and Anne Stodghill

    Entertainment: Brooks & Dunn

    Ranch: Gilley's Dallas

    Theme: Shooting for the Stars-A Dream As Big As Texas

  • 2016

    Chairmen: Cara French and Andrea Weber

    Entertainment: Toby Keith

    Ranch: Gilley's Dallas

    Theme: Texas Proud

  • 2015

    Chairmen: Mary Martha Pickens and Tia Wynne

    Entertainment: Tim McGraw

    Ranch: Gilley's Dallas

    Theme: Cowboy Up - Take Cancer Down

  • 2014

    Chairmen: Cindy Stager and Jill Tananbaum

    Entertainment: Kenny Chesney

    Ranch: Gilley's Dallas

    Theme: Country Rocks

  • 2013

    Chairmen: Mary Humphreys Parker and Brooke Shelby

    Entertainment: Rascal Flatts

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: Spur On! The Fight Against Cancer

  • 2012

    Chairmen: Skye Brewer and Kristen Johnston

    Entertainment: Blake Shelton

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: Give Cancer the Boot

  • 2011

    Chairmen: Jennifer Dix

    Entertainment: Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentley

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: Rhinestone Cowboy

  • 2010

    Chairmen: Kristi Sherrill Hoyl

    Entertainment: Alan Jackson and Jack Ingram

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: The Great State Fair

  • 2009

    Chairmen: Katherine Wynne

    Entertainment: Julianne Hough and Montgomery Gentry

    Ranch: Star Brand Ranch

    Theme: Honor of Cowboys

  • 2008

    Chairmen: Tanya Foster

    Entertainment: Sugarland and Pat Green

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: Urban Cowboy

  • 2007

    Chairmen: Gina Betts

    Entertainment: Brad Paisley and Big & Rich

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: An Evening in Santa Fe

  • 2006

    Chairmen: Olivia Kearney and Jana Wood

    Entertainment: Brooks & Dunn

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: Texas Road Trip ~ A Highway to Hope

  • 2005

    Chairmen: Suzanne Droese and Amy Turner

    Entertainment: Toby Keith

    Ranch: Travis Ranch

    Theme: Big Sky ~ Where the Stars and Steers Shine

  • 2004

    Chairmen: Lynn McBee and Courtney Whitehead

    Entertainment: Willie Nelson and Pat Green

    Ranch: The Farm in Allen, Texas

    Theme: Pancho & Lefty

  • 2003

    Chairmen: Dianne Deveny

    Entertainment: Dwight Yoakam

    Ranch: The Farm in Allen, Texas

    Theme: True Texas Legends

  • 2002

    Chairmen: Susan Farrier and Sandy Grayson

    Entertainment: Pat Green

    Ranch: Shady Oaks Ranch

    Theme: The Mark of Heroes

  • 2001

    Chairmen: Leslie Ficke and Cindy Lindsley

    Entertainment: Wynonna

    Ranch: Shady Oaks Ranch

    Theme: Six Flags Over Texas

  • 2000

    Chairmen: Cindy Turner

    Entertainment: Martina McBride

    Ranch: Lone Star Ranch

    Theme: Stampede 2000

  • 1999

    Chairmen: Terri Long and Rhelda Nolan

    Entertainment: Clint Black

    Ranch: Brinkmann Ranch

    Theme: Facing the Future; Finding a Cure

  • 1998

    Chairmen: Shelley Calloway Coxe

    Entertainment: Dwight Yoakam

    Ranch: Circle T Ranch (Anatole Hotel)

    Theme: Silverado

  • 1997

    Chairmen: Shelley Lipscomb

    Entertainment: Wynonna Ranch

    Ranch: Brinkmann Ranch

    Theme: Bienvenidos

  • 1996

    Chairmen: Vicki Chapman

    Entertainment: Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings

    Ranch: Star Brand Ranch

    Theme: GIANT

  • 1995

    Chairmen: Nancy Ross

    Entertainment: Tricia Yearwood

    Ranch: McQuinn Ranch

    Theme: Tradition at its Best!

  • 1994

    Chairmen: Angie Young

    Entertainment: Mark Chestnutt

    Ranch: Circle T Ranch

    Theme: A Texas Legacy

  • 1993

    Chairmen: Nancy Bond Vanderbilt

    Entertainment: Brooks & Dunn

    Ranch: Double M Ranch

    Theme: Back in the Saddle

  • 1992

    Chairmen: Karol Bruton

    Entertainment: Vince Gill Ranch

    Ranch: Big D Western Town

    Theme: A Lone Star State of Mind

  • 1991

    Chairmen: Barbara Underwood

    Entertainment: George Strait

    Ranch: Ed Vaughn’s Horse Ranch

    Theme: The Best of the West

  • 1990

    Chairmen: Teddie Garrigan

    Entertainment: Clint Black

    Ranch: Deerwod Ranch

    Theme: Lost Legends of the Wild, Wild West

  • 1989

    Chairmen: Janie Donoksy Condon

    Entertainment: George Strait

    Ranch: McQuinn Ranch

    Theme: How the West was Fun

  • 1988

    Chairmen: Darlene Cass and Kathy Phillips

    Entertainment: Charlie Daniels Band

    Ranch: Cielo Ranch (Auto Building at Fair Park)

    Theme: Time of a Lifetime

  • 1987

    Chairmen: Joan Eleazer and Karen Shuford

    Entertainment: Loretta Lynn and The Gatlin Brothers

    Ranch: Hi-View Ranch

    Theme: Lone Starry Night

  • 1986

    Chairmen: Tina Peyton and Mary Van Eaton

    Entertainment: Alabama

    Ranch: Myron Martin's Ranch

    Theme: The Eyes of Texas are upon the 1986 CBB

  • 1985

    Chairmen: Brooke Aldridge and Marilyn Weber

    Entertainment: The Oakridge Boys

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

    Theme: The Best Little Charity Ball in Texas

  • 1984

    Chairmen: Fay Sheehan and Rosie Waters

    Entertainment: Crystal Gayle

    Ranch: Circle T Ranch

    Theme: The Reel West

  • 1983

    Chairmen: Janie McGarr and Peggy Sewell

    Entertainment: Barbara Mandrell

    Ranch: B.F. Phillips Ranch

    Theme: Deep in the Heart of Texas

  • 1982

    Chairmen: Ashley Scott Rankin and Jackie Stewart

    Entertainment: Willie Nelson

    Ranch: Cloyce K. Box Ranch

    Theme: Old West Evening Under the Stars 3

  • 1981

    Chairmen: Melinda Wynn Berkman and Frances Turner

    Entertainment: Johnny Cash 

    Ranch: Southfork Ranch

  • 1980

    Chairmen: Nancy Halbreich and Gail Watts

    Entertainment: Fiddle Magic and Rolling Country    

    Ranch: Willow Bend Polo & Hunt Club

    Theme: Ready When You Are C.B.

  • 1979

    Chairmen: Mary Kehoe and Jan Feldman-McDonald

    Entertainment: Side of the Road Gang and Rolling Country

    Ranch: Willow Bend Polo & Hunt Club

    Theme: Best in the West Co. Fair

  • 1978

    Chairmen: Susan Sanders and Diana Strauss

    Entertainment: Tom T. Hall and Jerry Max Lane

    Ranch: E-S Ranch

  • 1977

    Chairmen: Mandy Dealy and Laura Hunt

    Entertainment: Jerry Reed

    Ranch: McDermott Ranch

  • 1976

    Chairmen: Jan Andrews and Chan Mashek

    Entertainment: Tammy Wynette

    Ranch: Circle T Ranch

  • 1975

    Chairmen: Ann Corrigan and Mary Leslie Wells

    Entertainment: Glen Ash

    Ranch: B.F. Phillips Ranch

  • 1974

    Chairmen: Patti Hunt and Jacque Wynne

    Entertainment: Glen Ash

    Ranch: Star Brand Ranch